PIctures in an old pickle factory

Some of my armadillos, cats, starlings and assorted friends have gone off to The Bedworkshop in Bristol for a few weeks - I just know they are going to enjoy being there...such an amazing building and really fantastic furniture, so warm and cosy!!

Do go and visit them if you are in Bristol and time soon :)


Lino Prints, looking like real pictures in photos of themselves...

 Girls with unusual pets

A lovely person who is not me and knows about photography and how to do it, even when taking photos of black and white things on a grey background, has made my colour-free work look colourful and lively and very much improved!!   Thank you Jo!

 Thirty-three starlings

Cat in a bubble bath


Lino Printing Workshop

A great session of lino printing produced all these lovely prints (and many more, but I really am not a photographer!!) all designed and made by a really great, creative group of ladies this weekend.

I was on hand for the odd bit of technical advice, tea making and sweeping up of lino 'peelings' but in the fab surroundings of Makers in Bristol on a sunny Sunday morning there was no stopping the lino production line...

...(and not a Christmas card in sight - surely a lino printing workshop in Nov/Dec must result in a christmas card???  Maybe they can add glitter to the toadstool and tea cups??)


Exciting post!!

Who doesn't love parcels...but unexpected treats are even better!!

Look at this amazing print, sent to me by Alison as part of her #printoctober giveaway on Twitter.

Lucky me, it's so beautiful!!

Thanks so much Alison.

Take a look at her work here


Autumn print tidy-up...

I had got a plan to do a whole lot of printing this week (that may be a never-ending plan now I think about it!) but then I opened up the drawers where I store my prints and suddenly I have a new plan...

Over the last few weeks/months of rummaging, storing, finding they have somehow dis-organised themselves into complete randomness.

I need to think of a good way to organise them all though - should I store them by animal type? (cats, then dogs, or do armadillos come first - and what do I do with multiple animal crowds? Sort by the biggest in size or the top predator?).  Alphabetically, size order, oldest to newest.... I think this is going to stretch over more than a day...

It is a never ending thing, this sorting as my prints insist on coming out in different sizes and shapes and so cannot be just a stack.  And there are quite a few of them sitting here waiting for new homes or a trip to the framers!



Such a lovely time of year - here I am sitting in the Autumn sunshine - what could be better?

Time to take to the woods, check out the leaves changing colour and forming slightly mushy piles to kick through, and catch the lovely rays of Autumn sunshine before we decide to hibernate in front of the fire for the winter (we have already started practising sitting in front of the fire though, just in case we had forgotten how!).

I've had a couple of commissions in the past weeks and now feel like I am re-emerging into the world, ready to be out doors as much as I can (when it isn't raining of course...) and ready to turn a few of my own ideas into lino prints.  Have I made enough lino prints yet?  Nope.


A flock of pigeons

I love doing lino prints of big flocks of birds!  Crows, starlings, swallows, fish ( I know they aren't birds, but a lino print of a shoal of fish crept up on me...) and now pigeons.  Yay!

These feathery friends seemed to take all summer to cut out, but in reality they were all waiting patiently for me whilst I got distracted by sunshine, seaside and some really interesting beetles in the back garden.

Now they are editioned and cooing their way off to galleries and internet land most happily (and flappily).