Everybody at the table - lino print frenzy!

Due to having a long list of other things to do I have managed to get quite a few new lino prints started this month...the other things can go away :)

This one is now proofed and ready to go - I've called it 'Everybody at the table' and especially enjoyed cutting out tiny little guinea pigs.  We don't always keep ours on the table.


So good to be printing on a sunshine day - and it makes the gold ink on these little Bristol notebooks look really fab too!  Having a busy week stocking up for art trails, print fairs and topping up stock at some of my lovely galleries...


Insect lino prints...

A fun day printing lots of little insect prints :)  Are you feeling itchy?


A year ago already...

This time last year I was printing madly ready to spend two weeks my own pop-up shop in the middle of Bristol.  It was so much fun having it and great to be able to have so many products in one place.

Also great was having a huge flock of laser cut birds from my lino print hanging in the window...

The shop was organised by the fab Etsy in Bristol team - how lucky was I!


August lino printing round-up

I had so much fun having my lino prints up at No 1 Harbourside in Bristol for a month - the best people work there and so many folk popped in to say Hello to my lino prints, it was completely brilliant.

I have spent most of the month trying to re-organise my studio space too, whilst working on prints at the same time.  That hasn't gone well, I've moved things around countless times but the piles of books, paper, supplies, dull paperwork, sketchbooks etc haven't diminished in size.  I know it will all fit into the little space in a sensible way, so more effort needed!  That's so hard in the summer...

I've listed a couple of new prints in the Etsy shop too, you might have seen them before, but this is the first time they can be on-line ordered, so hurrah :)


Lino Print Exhibition

I've got an exhibition of my lino prints at the moment if you fancy popping in...it is in Bristol at No 1 Harbourside on the docks.

Even more excitingly you can come to the Private View if you are in town - 12th July 7:30-9:30 - yay.  There is going to be a print lucky dip....


The 100 day project - postcards

I decided to make a new postcard every day and post it out to someone for 100 days...it has been great fun so far as I have played around with collage, print and drawing and am really enjoying sending them to people around the world...if you pop over to my Instagram you can find them all there and I would love some more addresses to post to if you would like to get a tiny piece of art through the post :)